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How To Do A Boho Dutch Braid



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First of all, welcome to our blog! This is such an exciting time for us because we are going to start producing weekly blog posts that will be featuring, but definitely not limited to, the following:

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This week we are so excited to announce and show you all our first official YouTube video that features one of our stylists Jeremy, who is by the way amazing at braids and is also our braid specialist, how easy it is to create the side dutch braid yourself! Yay! Guys, I promise you, even though this braid looks totally complicated and professional, it is perfect for beginners and after only a few tries you will be able to get the braid results that you are shooting for.

Now who is ready to start learning how to create this adorable boho braid?


Remember to follow all the steps slowly and in no time you will have the exact same gorgeous bohemian style braid that has been so visible with the media and with celebrities lately. This is one hair trend that we hope never goes out of style because it is perfect for dressing up and also on your lazy days where you feel like dressing down. We recommend trying out this braid on second day hair as it will be a tad easier to move your fingers through.


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